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Welcome to HurshBin Child Development & Behaviour (ABA Services) Assessment and Intervention are programmed combining ABA Science with many essential training protocols and approaches.

This comprehensive program is designed to help kids with difficulties in Cognitive Abilities, ASD, ADHD, Learning Disability and Emotional Behavioural Difficulties.

Why is Skill Development and Behaviour Assessment Important?

The above mentioned assessment is not a diagnostic assessment. It is an assessment to know the current functioning level of an individual across various areas and skills as per their chronological age to program their intervention.

We at HurshBin strongly believe in having uniformity and co relation between assessment and intervention goals to make the program coherent.

The Assessment results are processed in the form of list of concerned areas of development along with the skills and tasks which are taken into consideration in required order to program intervention.

Individuals are assessed every two months using same protocols to evaluate efficiency of the programs and progress of a child.

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