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HurshBin Child Development and Intervention Program includes below mentioned areas of development:

1) Attention And Cooperation
2) Sensory Integration And Motor Coordination
3) Speech Language And Communication
4) Play And Leisure
5) Social Skills And Group Behaviour
6) Independent Living
7) Emotional Regulation
8) Academic Readiness
9) Vocational Independence

Training Protocols and Approaches:

We use various evidential and efficient protocols for reference.

1) Sensory Integration
2) Oral Placement Therapy
3) Verbal Behaviour
4) Special Education Literacy Protocol
5) Etiquette Training
6) Group Play and Learning
7) Social Thinking I laugh model program training Mindfulness and Gratitude Training
8) REBT and ABA Visualisation for Parents Training Social Stories

The mentioned approaches and protocols are learned, practised and included in HurshBin Child Development Program by our team of professionals & trainers to make our interventions overall development program

Below mentioned are most evidential training strategies which are also proven and well accepted to be used in intervention procedures .

These strategies are employed in all our training protocols to make them efficient !

1) Stimulus Stimulus Pairing
2) Task Analysis
3) Behavioural Goal Forming
4) Errorless Teaching
5) Prompts And Prompt Fading System Consequnce based intervention Differential Reinforcement
6) Delay the consequence
7) Antecedent based intervention
8) Behaviour Momentum
9) Primack Principle
10) Interruption/ Redirection
11) Visual Concrete Schedule To Abstract Schedule
12) Independent Work System Generalization and Maintainance Behavioural Contract Modelling
13) Scripting Data Taking Probe Taking

We conduct intervention program in below mentioned 3 schedules:

Once in a week meeting online/offline concentrating on parents & caretakers training for environmental modification +Online support

3 days a week training schedule + parents training for environmental modification and generalisation training

5 days a week intense training schedule + parents training for environmental modification and generalisation training