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Parents / professional training at HurshBin is given optimum importance as it is considered long term path towards children development and learning!

Understanding of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy are most effective approaches to learn for anyone who is passionate towards children development and their growth

Below Mentioned is details of our training program:


Science of Behaviour in Child Development Practice

The Program consists of Theory + Mentored Practice.

This comprehensive program is designed for 6 months 3 days/week duration where candidates are trained in ABA & CBT Principles along with functional application of these principles into child Development Learning & Behavior Modification.

The program runs between:

July - December
January - June

Candidates a have an option to update the program for 12months Mentored Practice.

Applied Behaviour Analysis &Cognitive Behaviour Therapy are two most important Approach to learn for candidates intending to work in the field of Child Development & Psychology.

Detail learning of mentioned theraputic approach will not only equip them with golden spoon training strategies to practice but it also helps them grow in their journey as practicing professional.

Who all are eligible?

Speech Therapists
Physio Therapists Occupational Therapists Special Educators
Shadow Teachers
Sports Trainers
Child Psychology passionates

Program Content:

-Child Development & Important milestones for children 1-12 years of age
-Developmental Delay /Difficulties /Disorders /Disabilities
-Science of Behaviour & it's functional application in various therapies
-Behaviours & Measurement Procedures -Science of Behaviour, ABA & CBT
-Strategies for Skill Acquisition
-Strategies for Behaviour Reduction & Management
-Skill Development Assessments -Overview on 9 Area Skill Development Program for kids 1-12 years of age -Individualized Skill Development Program -Planning Data Plotting & -Documentation
-Report Writing
-Limitations in Functional use of Behavioural science -Professional Conduct & Scope of Practice & Titles

Program Coordinator: Ms.Binal Shah
BSp.Ed , MA , Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (USA)

Guest Lecturers & Mentors:

CBT Practitioner Psychologist Registered Behaviour Technician Physiotherapist
Occupational Therapist
Speech Therapist